MYR ranks 2nd in the nation for cheapest airfares, through its 2013 Airport Affordability Index, ranked Myrtle Beach International Airport as having the 2nd lowest airfares in the United States.

The website ranks 101 of the country's most popular airports by the average June airfares to top U.S. and global destinations.

Top 10 most affordable airports in the United States:

1. Long Beach, CA

2. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

3. Fresno, CA

4. Burlington, VT

5. Oakland, CA

6. New York - LaGuardia

7. Harrisburg, PA

8. White Plains, NY

9. Burbank, BA

10. Akron-Canton, Ohio

"Affordable airfares to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina continues to help our market be a top vacation destination," said Michael La Pier, Director of Airports. "As a result of low airfares and additional seat capacity, offered by our great mix of carriers, the airport is experiencing substantial year-over-year passenger growth."