Murrells Inlet restaurant closes months after being featured on 'Restaurant: Impossible'

A Murrells Inlet restaurant, open for the last 17 years and once featured on the reality show 'Restaurant: Impossible', is closing down.

The Old World Italian restaurant has been owned and operated by George Hayek and his family since it opened but Hayek says the last few years have been tough.

"The last couple years there's been a lot of family and corporate restaurants, Italian food opening around so now the hustle and bustle and the change and trying to compete has definitely been a little tighter," explained co-owner George Hayek.

In January, the restaurant even got some help from a Food Network reality show called "Restaurant: Impossible."

"Restaurant Impossible came out in January and helped us out tremendously, I mean, they gave us a beautiful dining room, they gave us a beautiful start in a way of creating new flavors, a new perspective," Hayek said.

But even the show wasn't enough to keep the business afloat. So, with Hayek's parents getting ready to retire, the family is saying good bye to their customers.

"We've been saying good bye all week, we've been saying good bye all week to our customers, our locals that really love us and care for us and we appreciate everything they've done for us."

Hayek said one of the best parts of owning the restaurant was getting a chance to work with his family.

"I always say dad is the brains, Mom's the backbone and I'm the muscle, you know and together we made a really great team."