Murrells Inlet resident worries weekly fireworks shows could be harming the environment

6/19 Update: The MarshWalk Restaurant Association says it will be removing the aluminum off the top of the fireworks in an effort to reduce the waste caused.

A Murrells Inlet resident is all fired up over fireworks. The former environmental engineer said the weekly fireworks show in Murrells Inlet could lead to long-term problems for the Inlet's ecosystem.

"I'm concerned about these youngsters on the pier here that are fishing and catching flounder. That fishery maybe not be what it might be if the sea life's damaged," Gary Weinreich explained.

The first fireworks show of this year was last Monday night. Weinrich explained that he ventured out early Tuesday morning and found debris littering the waters along the MarshWalk. "There was paper wrappers, fairly large in size, there was aluminum, foil with firecracker information labels and the name of the company that launched the fireworks was also on the label."

So, we took Weinreich's concerns to those in charge of the show, the MarshWalk Restaurant Association. Dead Dog's Managing Partner Mike Campbell explained that it's up to the company that sets off the fireworks to clean up. "Zambelli the contracted vendor is responsible for any debris that falls into the water."

Campbell added that Weinreich might have come across the debris before the contractor had a chance to pick it up. But he said he and the Association will make sure it doesn't happen again.

"As far as the clean up goes, if the Zambelli team is not going to be there, the MarshWalk association will take responsibility and go ahead and get our people out there to clean it up first thing in the morning," Campbell explained, adding that the association will also be inspecting the Inlet on their own so the beauty of it is preserved.

The fireworks shows are held every Monday night throughout the summer along the MarshWalk.