Garden City fire station closed because of mold

(WPDE photo)

Crews have been moved from a Murrells Inlet Garden City Fire District station because of mold issues, according to the district.

The Azalea Avenue station, in Garden City, is the one with the mold problems, and the crews that normally work out of there have been "temporarily relocated to our Headquarters station which is approximately 2.5 miles away," the district said.

Mold was reported last Wednesday and the crews were "immediately removed from that building to insure the health of our finest."

Work is being done to test the building, correct the issues and call in specialists.

"We should know by the beginning of the week on how long our crews will be stationed in a different location," the district said. "Please be assured that the quality of service will not be affected in any way and hopefully this unforeseeable event will be resolved very soon."