Murrells Inlet condo community mourns the losses of their own

A special memorial was held to honor the two men who lost their lives during the condominium fire in Murrells Inlet last Saturday.Andrew Heldebrandt, 56, died Tuesday morning at the burn center in Augusta, Georgia.

John Long, 72, died at the burn center Saturday.

"Andy was a very positive, cheery person. He would always greet you with a, 'Hello,' said Erin Kain, who has lived next door to the men for the past three years.

"John was a very simple man, very quiet, but he was always a pleasure to talk to."

The two men had no family in the area, so people who live in the condo complex organized the memorial.

Nearly everyone who attended are also a part of that condo community.

It was a time for them to grieve and share stories of the men who had become like a second family to them.

"I can't tell you how many times we've all hugged each other and told each other that we love each other and said that we'd all get through this together," said Causey.

There is a memorial outside of the VFW for men who have served our country.

Since John served in the Navy, the group plans to have his name engraved in one of the bricks that makes up the memorial.

The group also plans to have Heldebrandt's name engraved in the same brick.