Murder suspect's mom says she cooperated with police

Charged with Accessory After the Fact of a Felony in her son's murder case, Evelyn Williams says she fully cooperated with police.

Tuesday morning, Florence County Magistrate Judge Belinda Timmons set bond at $100,000 for Evelyn Williams.

Monday, Florence County deputies arrested Evelyn Williams on a charge of Accessory After the Fact of a Felon.

Her son, Deon'te Williams, is charged with murder for the death of Miriam Burgess, 44.

Burgess was found stabbed to death after a fire at her home on Stackley Avenue in Florence nearly two weeks ago.

Deputies say after Williams killed Burgess, he went to his mother's home on East Boone Lane in Florence County.

Deputies say Williams allowed someone to use her car to drive her son to North Carolina, where he caught a bus to New Jersey.

He was arrested Saturday at a motel in New Jersey. His right arm was wounded.

He is expected to be extradited back to Florence this week.

Evelyn Willliams addressed the judge and court in her own defense.

"They're saying that I helped him got away when I didn't know he committed a crime until after the crime was committed. I mean, everybody is pointing the finger at me. I know that's my child. But my child is accountable for what he does and if he's wrong, he's wrong and like I told the officer I told him where he was at. He called him and that's what I did. I did my part after I found out what had happened. My son contact me. I called the investigator, gave him the number. He called the investigator. He couldn't get back here, so he was up in New Jersey and I stayed in touch with the officers and investigators and all to my fullest extent of cooperation, I did," said Eveyln Williams.

In court, Miriam Burgess' sister, Starlina Burgess, pleaded with the judge to deny bond for Williams saying she's accused of doing something horrible. Burgess said if she was in Williams' shoes, she would have turned her son in.

It also came out in court that Deon'te Williams knew Miriam Burgess. She was the grandmother of his child.

Police still have not released a motive for the crime.

Judge Timmons explained to the family that she couldn't deny bond because Williams is not charged with the murder, she doesn't have a criminal record and she's innocent until proven guilty.

She also said she didn't consider Williams to be a flight-risk because she's a native of Florence and has worked at the same job for 12 years.

Judge Timmons did place restrictions on Williams bond. She must stay away from Burgess' family and have no contact with them through social networking and she can't leave the state.

Williams is also to have no contact with her grandchild, who is the murder suspect's child.

Williams will have to hire a private attorney because she didn't quality for a public defender based on her income.

Until she posts bond, Williams is being held at the Florence County Detention Center.