Mullins family waits for warmth as crews work to restore power

Thousands across the area are still without power including one neighborhood in the hardest hit area of Mullins.

Streets there are littered with downed power lines, limbs and in some cases entire trees.

"I'm 80 years old I ain't never, never seen anything like this here. I sure haven't," said resident Ellamaye Hamilton.

Hamilton and her son Carl have been without power since Wednesday, relying on just a gas stove just to keep warm.

According to Duke Energy's website as of Saturday afternoon, nearly 7,000 customers in Marion County are still waiting it out in the dark.

As crews work to restore power, this community comes together to help each other clean up by picking up tree limbs.

Hamilton explained that as everyday goes by without power he worries about his Mom who has health issues.

"I'm concerned about how she has been day to day since this has been going on. Her breathing machine that she uses for her lungs, she needs that. She has not been able to use it, therefore that's taking another toll on her body," he explained.

He was told by Duke Energy that their power should be restored by Sunday morning at the latest but he just prays it doesn't take longer.

"Mom is 80 and I want to see her live as long as possible so we do need the heat," he explained with tears in his eyes, "we do need the heat and we need the power on."

We did call Duke Energy for an update on power restoration, but as of Saturday afternoon, their media line is down.