Movie shot in Georgetown may not be shown locally

A movie shot in Georgetown has a few obstacles to overcome before residents in that area can watch it on the big screen.

This week creators announced "The Bay" would be released on November 2nd but only in select theaters.

And some residents are pushing movie producers to bring the film back to the place that provided the backdrop.

"In these types of independent films, if a city a or a town want it in their area, you have to show interest," said Georgetown resident Kelly Fuller. "I was very disappointed when I found out the film may not be shown here."

Fuller created a petition called 'We made it. Let's see it.' to get the movie shown in Georgetown. She's attempting to get 1000 signatures, but at this time, she still needs more than 950 signatures.

Without help, she believes her town will miss the boat.

"It's almost like the old saying let's get my father's barn and put on a show," said Fuller. "Well we did that, and now we might not be able to see it in a format that's the best way to see a movie which is on a large screen."

Her grassroots movement is gaining momentum, especially with those who played extras in the film.

"It was a great experience," said movie extra Elizabeth Wolf. She and her husband Bob played pirates.

"It felt good to do one in the neighborhood," said Bob Wolf. "It was a lot of fun doing it here. We just deserve to see it here in our town and be proud of what we did."

"It would be awful because the whole town was involved in this," said Elizabeth.

The recently restored Winyah Auditorium in Georgetown says it will open their doors for a showing of the horror movie.

"We installed a nice big screen and projector," said auditorium manager Debby Summey. "We really really would like for it to be shown here. The families of the people who were in the movie would love to see that done."

If you'd like to sign Fuller's petition, click here.