Motorcycle deaths up 11% in South Carolina

Deadly motorcycle crash on Grissom Parkway and 29th Avenue in Myrtle Beach from 2013 Memorial Day Weekend.

Motorcycle deaths are up 11% since last year in South Carolina according to the Governor's Highway Safety Association.

Since 1997, motorcycle deaths have doubled in the United States.

20 states require bikers to wear helmets, 27 have age restrictions, and 3 states have no helmet laws.

In states that have helmet laws only 84% of bikers comply. In states like South Carolina, only half the riders wear them.

Although our state only requires those younger than 21 to wear a helmet, Highway Patrol strongly encourages all bikers to wear protective gear including long pants, eye gear, and helmets.

From January to September 2012, South Carolina had 113 motorcycle deaths.

Over Memorial Day weekend, there were 6 deadly motorcycle crashes on the Grand Strand.