Mother stands behind preschool after two workers arrested

Lori Turner is keeping her children in the Teaching Learning Center preschool in Myrtle Beach following the arrests of the director and an employee.

On Thursday, Mary Lynn Boggs was arrested for child negligence or abuse.

The arrest came after allegations surfaced that Boggs was covering children with blankets and holding them down for nap time.

Saturday, Brenda Thomas turned herself in for failing to report the negligence or abuse in Boggs' case.

According to state law 63-7-310, Thomas is required to report incidents of abuse to authorities.

Turner is the mother of two 5-year-old twins that have been attending the Teaching Learning Center at Ocean View Baptist Church since they were just weeks old.

Turner says she trusts the preschool completely with her kids.

"It's a learning environment, it's not a daycare," says Turner. "Kids don't sit there and play and watch TV. It's all very structured."

Turner says she will continue to keep her children enrolled despite the charges.

Ocean View Baptist Church did not return our phone calls Saturday.

Earlier this week, Pastor Everett B. Douglas released the following statement:

"Our primary concern is and always has been the safety and health of the children in our care at Ocean View Teaching Learning Center. The necessary agencies and individuals have been notified and this matter is under investigation. The teacher is no longer employed with Ocean View Teaching Learning Center. It is not appropriate to comment further with this matter under investigation."