Mother outraged, says her child was called "loser" in note left by nurse

A South Carolina mother is outraged after a nurse at a children's hospital left what she says is a nasty note about her baby.

Katie Smart from Columbia took her nine-month-old baby into the hospital for a checkup after she saw her son twist his ankle. He also had a fever, so to be safe, she wanted him checked out.

Imagine her reaction when she found a note, she says a nurse at Palmetto Health's Children's hospital left behind, in her son's room that referred to her child as a "loser" for not having had his immunizations.

Smart said the specific message said the baby had a fever and had not received any vaccinations. She said the bottom of the note concluded with the word 'loser" and a sad face.

Smart said she researched the ingredients of vaccinations given to children, and that's why she and her husband decided not to inject two of their three kids.

She doesn't know if the nurse intentionally left the note behind or it was an accident, but she says it was uncalled for.

As for the nurse in question, hospital officials are not saying what, if any, additional disciplinary action will be taken against this employee. They have said this person is suspended.