Mother of hit and run victim: "I just have questions as to why they left him like that"

Tyshawn Johnson

MARION, S.C. (WPDE) - If the victim in a deadly hit and run last Saturday morning had survived the crash, he would be enjoying a milestone, his 21st birthday. While the family of Tyshawn Johnson is celebrating his life today, they are also coping with their loss and seeking justice.

"Tyshawn was a very sweet person. Everybody loved Tyshawn. Tyshawn loved to laugh, every time you see him he wanted to laugh. He was very much loved. Respectful, kind, high school graduate," said Yvette Goodyear, Johnson's mother. "It's been terrible just sitting here missing him so much. And wondering if and when they're going to catch the killer or killers."

Goodyear is leaning on her faith in God to deal with the death of her oldest son, "I'm going to always miss his playfulness, I'm going to miss his hugs and his kisses. I'm going to miss everything about him from head to toe."

Early Saturday morning Tyshawn became the victim of a hit and run on Highway 501 on the Waccamaw Pottery Bridge. He was the passenger on a moped when they were hit from behind by an SUV.

Highway Patrol still hasn't made any arrests and they've appealed to the community to help solve the case. When Goodyear saw her son in the hospital, she just wanted to talk with him.

"He had broken bones in his back. Spleen, kidney, and internal bleeding. Massive head trauma so he was already brain dead and I looked at him and you know wake up just please wake up because I don't like what they're telling me," added Goodyear. "Whoever did this just please turn themselves in. I'm not mad at anyone because we all make mistakes. I just have questions as to why they left him like that."

On what would have been Johnson's 21st birthday, his family is celebrating his life by releasing balloons and performing 21 acts of kindness.

"I know he wouldn't have wanted me to sit down and be a cry baby about it. He would want me to celebrate it. He would want his friends to celebrate it and I'm going to respect his wishes and I'm gone do just that," said Goodyear.

Johnson isn't completely gone, his daughter is expected to be born in November. He had already named her Justice, which is also what the family is looking for tonight.

"I just miss him but I thank God he left a part of him back here for me to be able to still love and hold on to," added Goodyear.

If you have any information about this crash or the vehicle you're asked to call South Carolina Highway Patrol at 843-661-4705 or 1-800-768-1505, or you can call Crime Stoppers at 1-888-CRIME-SC.