Motels start to pick up the pieces following Irma

Motels start to pick up the pieces following Irma (WPDE)

Two Grand Strand motels are picking up the pieces after Tropical Storm Irma blew through the area.

"Everything went bang," said Bob Lorentz, who was a guest at Garden City Inn.

Bob and his new wife, Loretta, were in the penthouse when Irma hit Garden City Beach. They heard a knock on their door shortly after a loud bang.

"They said, 'You've got to get out and go to the second floor.' While we were packing, they came back and said, 'No, we're going to take you out of here to a motel somewhere else,'" said Lorentz.

The Victory Inn in Myrtle Beach was also severely damaged from the storm.

"The walkway up there blew off and the fire department came out and made everybody leave," said Michael Young, a long-term guest at The Victory Inn.

Young says he was not surprised by the damage.

"You expect stuff like that to happen when you're in the storm," said Young.

Lorentz, however, was not expecting such a heavy hit form Irma.

"This is only my second year here. Last year, I was caught in Matthew. So, we got to figure out what month to come down here," said Lorentz.

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