Moscow ballerina makes lasting impression on Latta students

Svetlana Todinova, a world-renowned ballerina with the Moscow Ballet, is holding a two day workshop at Latta Middle and High Schools this week.

Todinova is visiting the United States as part of a 60 city performance with the Moscow Ballet.

She is currently working one on one with ballet students in Latta to teach them the proper techniques of the dance.

"I just want to share with local kids something, something about Russian way of ballet, even Russian language. And I think this will be very interesting for them and for me. I think it's something new. Great chance for them see a professional person, professional ballet person," said Todinova.

Todinova says she's been studying ballet since she was nine years old. Her work with the Moscow Ballet has taken her across the world including China, Holland, and Japan.

The Latta School District is partnering with the Ellis Performing Arts Center to enhance what ballet students are learning in the classroom.

When officials heard the Moscow Ballet would be in North Charleston as a part of the 60 city tour, it called them and asked if an understudy could visit its ballet students.

The district and the performing arts center says they were shocked when the Ballet called back and said they were sending Todinova.

"We had no idea we would be able to secure the services of someone like Svetlana Todinova. It was fate that kind of put us in the line of giving us the courage to make the phone call to work out the arrangement, " said Dr. John Kirby, Latta School District.

"We never thought, we dreamed big and we asked if they would come and they came," said Eleanora Powers, Ellis Performing Arts Center.

Todinova hopes she's able to inspire some of the students to want to learn more about ballet and go on to study it in college.