More than tradition at CCUâ??s â??Take Back the Nightâ?? event

On Tuesday, Coastal Carolina University held its â??Take Back the Nightâ?? event, which has become a yearly tradition on campus to promote sexual assault awareness.

â??â??Take Back the Nightâ?? is an extremely positive community of people marching, chanting, messages supporting survivors of assault, speaking out against assault,â?? said Chris Donevant- Haines, a counselor at Coastal Carolina University.

Despite the tradition, the number of men who attended Tuesday nightâ??s event was not so traditional.

The majority of people there were men, which made an important statement, because the majority of perpetrators of sexual assault are men.

â??We need more male role models to teach younger males as they're coming-up how to treat women with respect and just to be on their best behavior,â?? said Steven Johnson, a student at Coastal Carolina University.

Many women at the event were pleased by the number of men in attendance.

â??I think it's good that guys are here, because, I mean, a guy could easily be attacked. I mean anyone. No matter what age, gender, what you wear. It can happen to anyone,â?? said Malorie Williams, a student at Coastal Carolina University.

Ultimately, the goal of both women and men there was to make it known to victims of sexual assault that they are not alone.

â??Honestly, it's all about support. To know and to let people, victims, who have been raped or sexually assaulted know that there are people who care and we are here for you,â?? said Dillon Warner, a student.

Sexual assault continues to be an under-reported problem on college campuses and in communities across the country and worldwide.

Statistics show 50 percent of sexual cases are not reported to the police. Embarrassment and fear are two of the biggest reasons why these cases actually go unreported.

Alcohol is a factor in 95 percent of sexual assault cases that happen on college campuses.

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â??Take Back the Nightâ?? is an internationally known and celebrated event aimed to take a stand against any form of sexual assault.