More seasonal hiring happening now, how to apply

On Saturday, the NASCAR SpeedPark in Myrtle Beach hosted its big job fair for spring hiring.

Between Saturday's event and another in May, around 120 employees will be hired to carry the popular Myrtle Beach attraction through its busy spring and summer months.

Saturday's jobs fair let all job seekers fill-out applications and have a face-to-face interview on the spot, which was a nerve-wracking experience for 16-year-old Jake Balch, who hasn't been through a process like that before.

"I've never actually been to a job fair, and I've never worked at a big place like this and had a lot of people try and compete for the job," Balch said.

However, those job-seekers who have been through the process before said they feel more confident and seasoned this time around.

It was 24 year-old Ernest Woods' second time.

"Usually they always ask you, do you have a question for me. I usually ask, 'How did I do?' 'Anything I should change?'"

Woods said this can help an applicant get immediate feedback from hiring professionals, so you can learn about what to improve on for the next interview.

Lakeisha Dukes, who is the Vice President of Revenue and Procurement for PARC Management and helped coordinate the event, said the group is looking employees that have a positive attitude and a strong work ethic, including being timely.

"We are looking to hire smiling faces, people that's energetic, people that want to engage with our guests," Dukes.

For those who made it through Saturday's face-to-face interviews, a second round of interviews will be held on Monday.

Employees will start work on March 1st.

If you missed Saturday's job fair, you can still apply online and be considered for employment, click here.