More passengers arriving at MYR in 2013

The number of passengers arriving at Myrtle Beach International Airport this March, was up more than one percent (1.3%) from last March.

In March 2013, 64,228 passengers flew into the airport. That's 822 more than same period last year.

So far this year, the airport has welcomed 133,440 arriving passengers.

"As season approaches the airport will continue to welcome more people to Myrtle Beach" stated Michal La Pier, Director of Airports. "We anticipate passenger volumes to continue increasing over previous year as airports prepares for increased seat capacity and additional service from incumbent carriers in the coming months."

Here's a look at how each airline did with arriving passengers in March 2013, compared to March 2012.

â?¢ Delta Air Lines +14%

â?¢ Porter Airlines +7%

â?¢ Spirit Airlines +3%

â?¢ United Airlines -21%

â?¢ US Airways +11%