More homes, more traffic, can the Market Common handle it?

It's no surprise that the Market Common area in Myrtle Beach continues to grow rapidly.

Many people who live in that area have seen residences pop-up left and right over the years.

"There are homes going up daily. It seems like every time I go through an area or subdivision, there are four or five new homes," said Brad Smith.

Smith has seen this growth in other places, too.

"It just seems through Farrow Parkway lots more traffic passing through," Smith said.

Many people are concerned about whether this area has the infrastructure to support the growth.

"We know what the housing numbers are going to be, where the commercial is going to be ultimately, so it's a very planned community," said Myrtle Beach Spokesman Mark Kruea.

Kruea said a build out plan for the land, which used to be an Air Force base, has been in place since the 1990s.

It mapped out that around 5,000 homes can be built on the land.

However, Kruea said that number is closer to 4,000 now, because of the change in real estate demands.

"The market conditions have caused some of the developers to come back and say we don't need the multi family. Single family is selling so we are going, to come back and convert some of that, so actually the density is going to be a little less," Kruea said.

Right now about 75 percent of the land is built on. It's not clear when all of the land will be developed.

Kruea said there are residents who live in that area who want the area to be developed as soon as possible, so it can finally become a fully-functional community.

As for the increased traffic in that area, Kruea said a second entry and exit road will be added.

Coventry Boulevard is off of Farrow Parkway and will connect to 17 Bypass to decrease congestion.

That access road is expected to be completed by the end of summer.

Currently Farrow Parkway is the only road that leads to and from the Market Common.

Kruea also expects the Backgate construction project to alleviate traffic when it's finished.