Mom takes son's pain to help others

Jacob Larson and mother, Hope Larson

Hope Larson's son, Jacob, was bullied in middle school. So badly, he tried to take his own life. Now, Hope has taken Jacob's story to help others.

There are 4,000 bully related deaths a year and Jacob Larson was almost one of those statistics.

Jacob was verbally and physically abused in middle school in Maryland. At one point, his teeth had even been knocked out.

His family moved to Little River a few years ago to get away from the bullying, but Jacob's pain continued.

"To watch him struggle so hard to just want people not to be mean to him, it's tough," said Jacob's mom, Hope.

Jacob is now in Abundant Life Academy which is a Christian therapeutic boarding school. Hope says Jacob is trying to heal from being bullied there.

Jacob's parents took his story and made the group, Jacob's Angels. At first, a co-worker created the page to help raise funds to pay for Jacob's treatment at ALA, but it turned into Hope helping others.

The page currently has over 6,000 "likes" in just two months.

Hope says she receives dozens of messages a day, each with a story of someone who was bullied.

But she says that number is just the tip of the iceberg.

"I think our facebook numbers only show this much of how big the problem really is."

To visit Jacob's Angels facebook page, click here.

To visit Jacob's Angels website, click here.