Mom holds hope for proper burial of missing son

Kareem Ward was 22 years old when he disappeared in June 2007. His mother, Ann, hopes to lay his body to rest.

Ann Warren is still living a nightmare. "I almost had a nervous breakdown. Started going to counseling and still going to counseling as of this day," said Warren sitting on the porch of her Conway home. Ten years ago Saturday, Warren was waiting for her son Kareem Ward to come back to her home in Aynor.She heard a knock, and opened the door to find a police officer. "I said my boy went and got himself in some trouble (so he'll just) stay in there, you know, that was my fault. So he says, 'Ma'am I hate to inform you but we just pulled your sons car out of Gunter's Lake,' and that was a long day," she said. His nine-year-old daughter never met her father. "She just said today, she's like, 'everybody's gonna have their daddy go to tomorrow, but I don't have one,'" She said. "And that kinda touched my heart," said Warren. Warren said she misses her son's sense of humor. "He kept you laughing and he always wanted to cook out he wanted to do things and he wanted to be the chef and the chef couldn't cook," she said. Ward was only twenty two at the time -- he planned to stay home with mom for a while. "Someone asked him, 'Kareem you ever going to leave home?' "He said 'no I ain't leaving my mama.' I'm leaving my mama. But he left, and never returned." But more than anything else, she said, she loves "Even if it's a bone and DNA shows it was his, I'd like to put it to rest so I can have some closure," Warren said. Warren keeps busy watching her four grandchildren and one great grandchild. Horry County Police have been in charge of the investigation. She's been in touch with the department. Horry County classifies this case as open, but it's not actively investigated.
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