Mom arrested for leaving baby in car

Carolyn Little

North Myrtle Beach police charged Carolyn Little, 18, with child neglect after leaving her baby in a car for at least 45 minutes in the Walmart parking lot.

Someone told a 29-year-old woman that they saw the baby in the car with the windows up and the doors locked. The woman went outside about 10 p.m. Saturday and saw the baby.

She says Little finally came out of the store at 10:45 p.m., after Walmart employees paged her.

Little defended herself in several comments on

"Listen here ALL of you. Yes, I did leave my daughter in the car. It was not for 45 mins. It was almost cool enough that I had to wear a jacket. I was not "distracted by friends" I was trying to find my brother and his friends who were running around carelessly so i could get back out there. I got her in the cart but she was up all day and finally fell asleep. If I would have taken her in she would have woke up and been mad. I was going in to buy formula," Little said.

The temperature outside was 81 degrees, according to the police report.

Police say Little told them she thought about taking the baby in the store, but decided not to. She told them she thought the windows were down.

"The mother thought that the windows were rolled down, which is neither here no there. I mean if the windows were up or down you left a six month old unattended for more than 45 minutes," North Myrtle Beach police Captain Phil Webster said Tuesday.

Police arrested her and took her to the North Myrtle Beach jail. Little is out on 5,000 bond. She faces a fine and up to 10 years if found guilty.

Police said the child was put into custody of a family member and the Department of Social Services is now involved.

"I think we need to slow down. I think the young lady said, 'I went into Walmart for just a few minutes, and got distracted talking to friends.' Just slow down and really think of consequences for your child and yourself," Webster said.

Little's mother even jumped in the conversation on to add her opinion.

"Carolyn is my daughter and yes she has made a mistake and she will pay the consequences. We have all made mistakes at one time or another in our lives, no one is perfect. She loves her baby very much and would never deliberately put her in harms way. She is a young and still learning the responsibility as a never judge a book by it's cover," Little's mother added.

Little later posted the comment below in an effort to explain the situation.

"NONE of you know me personally so why can you tell me that im dumb or don't deserve to see my child anymore. you guys are FEEDING off of peoples mistakes and i think its sick. NONE of you can tell me that none of you ever made a mistake when you were young. Yes i will definetly admit i made a mistake and should have just went with my instinct and took her in like i was going to do. the media is a sick joke trying to find self satisfaction in exploiting people. and trust me, there are WAY WAY WORSE people out there that are in their twenties and thirties doing WORSE stuff than this. So dont rip on me and try to make me feel like crap for making 1 mistake when there are people out there that are considered "grown up" and "mature" that should know from experience and such better than I," she said.

What are your thoughts on Little's explanation?