Mom and dad need a miracle to help 5-year-old son survive

A mom and dad need a miracle to save their son, and while they aren't expecting to find it on the Grand Strand, they are here hoping for a little peace.

"No one thinks about this when they are preparing to start a family," said Dawn Norman.

Dawn and her husband, Bobby, have four kids, Sarah, 9, Matthew, 6, Nathan, 5, and Tabitha, 2.

They've all struggled through operation after operation trying to cure Nathan's brain tumor, and those struggles are shown in his scars.

"Sometimes I feel like I'm going to die soon," said Nathan. "Sometimes it doesn't kill the bad cells so good. Sometimes it kills the good cells."

For three and a half years, Nathan's battled the disease, and it's been an uphill climb.

Duke University doctors say the tumor is growing and so is the cancer, down into Nathan's spinal cord.

The Virginia family is visiting the Grand Strand through Jason's House, a foundation funded by the Surfside United Methodist Church.

Each summer, local businesses donate hotel rooms, meals and other expenses to the organization that helps 60 families dealing with terminally ill children.

Those words "terminally ill" are the ones that hit home the most.

"It's inevitable," said Bobby. "Unless there is a miracle, Nathan will die and that's tough."

But the family said it's their faith that keeps them strong.

"Is it going to break our hearts if He decides to take him?," said Dawn. "Yes, it will break our hearts, but we are so thankful that He has given Nathan to us for right now. However long that may be."

The faith and joy is present inside Nathan who even has a nickname for the chemo injection spot on his chest "bumpy."

"It's not scary so much," Nathan said as he pointed to his chest.

"It's giving us a new appreciation for life, not taking everyday for granted," said Bobby.

Living with hope that the dates to remember never end, but fearing they most likely will at anytime.

"It's that little poison that's sitting there waiting to show itself again," said Dawn.

Doctors took Nathan off of chemo because it was making him too weak to enjoy his life.

He will begin treatments again next month.

For the time being, all the family can do is pray for their miracle.