Mold issues at Darlington High School

Seven classrooms at Darlington High School have been affected by mold.

Over the summer mold was identified in a few classrooms, which were cleaned and treated per regular corrective maintenance procedures, According to the district.

However, heavy rains over the summer aggravated the situation and the old problems recurred and now a total of seven have been affected.

As a precaution, the teachers and classes that meet in the seven classrooms will be moved to other locations on the school's campus.

The classrooms will not be accessible to students or teachers until the rooms have been appropriately cleared and further testing indicates the problem is resolved.

The district says a firm specializing in environmental testing and treatment is scheduled to conduct air quality and other tests in the identified classrooms, as well as throughout the school, on Friday.

"Nothing is more important than the health and safety of our students and staff," said Dr. Eddie Ingram, superintendent of the Darlington County School District. "We will work closely with the experts to assess the extent of the problem in a manner that ensures all our children and employees are working and learning in a safe environment."

Also, an unusual odor in a classroom at the Darlington Adult Education Building in the B.A. Gary Complex has prompted district officials, to conduct indoor air quality tests on that classroom and inspect the rest of the building as well. The room has been closed off to staff and students.