Modern family can now attend Daddy Daughter dance

A woman trying to take her five-year-old daughter to a father-daughter dance reached out to WPDE NewsChannel 15 on Facebook when she was told she couldn't by Horry County parks and recreation administrators.

Phyllis Belsivo's daughter, Corinne, told her she wanted to attend the Horry County North Strand Park Daddy Daughter Dance on February 9.

But because Corinne's father is no longer involved in her life and Corinne's brother, Brian, is a Marine fighting overseas in Afghanistan. Belsivo did not know of anyone to take her child to the dance, she said.

She asked Horry County Parks and Recreation officials if she could take her daughter to the dance, but her request was denied, she said.

Officials suggested she find a male friend to take her, but Belviso declined their suggestion.

On the county's website, the event's flyer states, "young ladies 4-14 years old and their dads, granddads or other significant adult male in their life will enjoy this night together."

Wednesday afternoon, county spokesperson Lisa Bourcier said Belsivo will be allowed to escort her daughter to the dance because it is a special circumstance. Bourcier said all future special circumstances will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.