Missing teen's mother in Myrtle Beach for search

A New York teen on spring break in Myrtle Beach is missing.

Monday her family helped in the search.

17-year-old Brittanee Drexel was last seen Saturday night.

She was staying at the Bar Harbor Motel with friends from New York.

Myrtle Beach Police say Drexel left alone and went for a walk.

Her mother arrived Monday morning and says she thinks one of the boys her daughter was with is hiding something, and says he keeps changing his story about the last time he saw Brittanee.

The mom says all of Brittanee's belongings were left in the hotel, and her cell phone is dead.

She's optimistic but says she fears Brittanee may not be alive.

"I'm planning on staying here until I've exhausted everything. I mean, I want to find my daughter. I mean, I'm going to do what I need to do here."

"I'm very scared. I'm very stressed. I'm very afraid that my daughter may not be alive," she continued.

Police are looking for Brittanee but at this point don't think she was a victim of a crime though they aren't ruling anything out.

If you have any info about Drexel, call the Myrtle Beach Police Department call (843) 918-1382.