Missing man's family pleads for help

Johnny Brown, 44, from Georgia disappeared in Myrtle Beach on August 3rd. He left walking on South Ocean Boulevard walking towards Family Kingdom around 5:30 p.m.

Johnny does have a speech impediment and is difficult to understand. He repeats several phrases including RudyPop, which is what he calls his mother, Blackie, which is his dog's name, and Julie, which is his sister's name.

His mother, Ruby and father, John H. Brown have spent the last two weeks walking up and down Ocean Boulevard, hoping that an unfamiliar face turns into his.

"There's been a time or two that I have sat outside and thought that I've seen him and I would sort of walk up to them and look at them to see if it's him, when it wasn't," said Ruby.

Johnny has been spotted along the Grand Strand. He was seen at the BBQ House in Surfside Beach the day after he wandered off. "They said that they seen him and that he had left coming back this way," said John.

Melanie Curtis is a waitress at the BBQ House. She said, "(We) tried to help him. We could not understand him. We couldn't make any sense of where he wanted to go."

His parents say despite his speech impediment, he is extremely friendly.

It's coming up on two weeks since Johnny has been missing, and his parents say they may have to leave by Sunday if he has not been found.

Ruby is reluctant to leave, but has a message for Johnny. "You just know that your Momma and Daddy love you. We're waiting on you to come back."

If you see Johnny or know where he may be, please contact the Myrtle Beach Police Department at 843-918-1382.