Missing boater found on day 4 of search

After 40 divers spent 60 hours searching Lake Robinson around the Sailclub Drive area in Chesterfield County looking for a 27-year-old boater who went under last Friday, his body was recovered.

Chesterfield County Coroner Kip Kiser says the second boater found Monday is Casey Oliver Lloyd. The body of Lloyd's friend, Andrecia Delaine, 30, of Hartsville, was recovered Sunday.

Gene Johnson, of Hartsville, was one of seven people on the boat when it ran hot. He says three of his friends decided to take a swim until the boat cooled down.

"They was real good swimmers. I know my friend was and the other guy that jumped in he had to be a good swimmer if he was gonna jump in the middle of the lake. You got to be a good swimmer if you gonna jump in the middle of the lake," said Johnson.

He says they were swimming without any problems for about 10 minutes, when things changed. Johnson says his best friend went under and he and several others jumped in to save him. He says one friend, Andrecia Delaine, appeared to be getting tired, so another friend allowed Delaine to lean on his back until they got back to the boat. Johnson says Delaine slid off the friend's back and went under.

Johnson explained, "They just went for a swim and went down and just never came back up. It was like they wasn't even fighting it. It just hurts me that we couldn't find them and I don't want no families to have any hard feelings toward neither of us that was on the boat you know. I feel like one of the families is, but I don't know."

Johnson says he may have drowned too, if it hadn't been for his dog.

"My dog swam out there and helped me swim back to shore. I was so tired I couldn't make it," said Johnson.