Miss South Carolina talks trash with students

Brooke Mosteller, reigning Miss South Carolina, spent Tuesday afternoon with students at Loris Middle School to teach them how to keep the Palmetto State clean.

Her talk was part of the state's Palmetto Pride campaign, which promotes keeping South Carolina litter-free.

"I love kids. I have had so many people make a huge difference in my life because they took time with me, and cared about me, and told me to make the best of myself, and not sell myself short. That's really what I saw the opportunity as in this job. To get to hang out with middle schoolers and really be a role model and step into that role fully," Mosteller said.

She asked the kids trivia questions, gave away prizes for knowing facts about trash and encouraged them to clean up whenever they can.

"We truly do have such a beautiful state," Mosteller said, as she encouraged the kids to be proud of their state.

Mosteller also stopped by Loris High School earlier in the day to help high school junior and seniors fill out their college applications.