Miracle dog gets adopted


A little more than a week ago, a driver hit a dog on East Palmetto Street in Florence and kept going.

A passerby saw it and immediately took the dog to Palmetto Animal Hospital in Florence.

Officials at the hospital have named the dog, Lotto.They say he's a little shy and is still having some problems walking.

Hospital staff say they are amazed at Lotto's recovery. They feared he wouldn't survive because of his internal injuries.

"He had pelvic injuries. When I picked him up I could hear the bones crunching. He was definitely unable to walk. He was alert but he wasn't as responsive as you would liked him to be, he just looked really bad," said Kuala Smith, Palmetto Animal Hospital.

The Florence Humane Society is thankful to Andrew Kinee for bringing Lotto to the hospital.

NewsChannel 15 is happy to report a Florence teacher adopted Lotto, Tuesday afternoon.