Midway Fire Rescue remembers Charleston Nine

Midway Fire Rescue of Pawleys Island is participating in the 2012 Fire/EMS Safety, Health, and Survival Week also known as safety week


starting Monday.

Safety Week consists of boot camps and team building exercises. Firefighters also learn new rescue techniques.

This year's safety week falls on the five year anniversary of the Charleston fire that took the lives of nine firefighters.

The flames from that fire still burn in Midway Lieutentant Henry Hulit's mind.

"I remember the morning that I came into work and lost 9 brothers in Charleston and it still hurts," Hulit says.

Hulit adds that the memory of the Charleston fire improves training for Midway.

"By educating my guys on what happened that day I can hopefully prevent something from happening like that here," says Hulit.

Firefighter Ian Edmond says Safety Week teaches them a new level of readiness.

"No two calls are the same, they may seems the same but we need to be prepared for any type of situation can take place on those scenes," says Edmond.

As the firefighters remember the Charleston fire, they realize the importance of their training.

"It's a constant reminder that it could happen here," says Hulit.

The training at Midway continues through Friday.