Microsoft Scam: how to protect yourself

With computers and the internet, our lives have been transformed in some ways, but with technology, comes high tech thieves.

A week ago a Grand Strand woman got a phone call from a woman with an unusual voice.

"She knew my name, and she told me there was a severe problem with my computer, she said I had a malware virus, which I really don't know what that is," said Tamra Pecora.

Pecora listened for a little while and the woman told her she was from Microsoft. Pecora was told that if she logged on her computer, Microsoft would fix the problem for her.

"I said if this is for real, give me a phone number, and let me call you back and she said there is no such phone number," said Pecora.

Pecora quickly realized the phone call was a scam and wanted others to be aware.

"It was very frightening, because I thought, if I wasn't any wiser, I probably would have gone to the computer, I probably would have done it and gosh only knows what would have happened," said Pecora.

Microsoft told Pecora many people are scammed by this ploy and they've even set up a help page about the scam.

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