Men's Track, Cross Country teams saved at CCU

Coastal Carolina University's Board of Trustees says new information has come to light that means the college's men's track and cross country teams won't be cut.

Coastal Carolina announced last week that the programs would be cut after the 2014 season due to budget shortfalls.

Friday, after a Board of Trustees meeting, Chairman Wyatt Henderson said members attended a finance committee meeting Thursday, where they learned new details about student retention rates for 2013/2014 .

The college is now projecting a 5% increase, Henderson said, which means the budget will be balanced for next year without the cuts.

The team had just finished a workout this morning with Athletic Director Hunter Yurachek told coach Jeff Jacobs the good news.

"They just felt so much better about their university and their reason to be here. And I know they're going to compete as hard as they possibly can tonight and tomorrow for the team, Jacobs said.

The team still has two meets left in the season and this was the news they needed to finish strong.

Programs scheduled to be cut will be put back into place.