MB firefighters: "most bicycle crashes involve foreign students."

Three cyclists have died in Horry County this year, three more deaths than all of 2012, according to the South Carolina Department of Public Safety.

Although the three people who died were from our area, Myrtle Beach firefighters explained that more than ninety percent of the bicycle crashes they see involve international students.

International student Juan Molina from Columbia said he rides his bicycle to and from work everyday. With the recent increase in bicycle deaths, he's concerned for his safety.

"I get kind of worried because the street is not that big," he explained.

Myrtle Beach Fire Department Battalion Chief Bruce Arnel said since January, Myrtle Beach has had 23 bicycle crashes, compared to 31 in all of 2012. The majority of those wrecks, he explained, involve international students.

"Some of them aren't as familiar as they need to be with our laws and quite frankly, I think a lot of times they're just careless."

He explained that some of them have a lack of situational awareness and are unaware of the rules of the road.

But that's not the case for all international students. Molina said he's always paying attention to what's around him. "I never listen to music, I'm just focused on the street. I want to make I go home safe, go back to work and back safely."

Molina thinks there's a simple reason why most of these crashes involve foreign students. "All of us drive bikes so that makes the average or whatever, a little bit higher for us because most Americans they have their own car so it's not going to be the same for us."

Although it isn't mandatory, Myrtle Beach firefighters remind you to always wear a helmet. They say when you can, make sure to use bicycle lanes.