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      Mary Lee back visiting the Grand Strand

      Mary Lee, a 16 ft, 3,456 pound Great White Shark, is visiting the South Carolina coast again after a long stay in Florida waters.

      As of 9:50 a.m. Wednesday morning, Mary Lee was about eight miles off the coast of Murrells Inlet.

      The company tracking Mary Lee, Ocearch, is a nonprofit research organization named for a combination of "ocean" and "research."

      It is funded by sponsors and donors, and a South Africa expedition was the subject of History Channel's "Shark Wranglers."

      Every time Mary Lee's fin breaks the surface, a signal is transmitted to a satellite which shows the shark's location.

      The creator of Ocearch tracking, Chris Fischer, says for the first time in history, we are solving a 400 million year old secret.

      Click here to track Mary Lee's progress.