Marion man shocked while trying to steal copper

Marion city firefighters rescued a man from the roof of the old Heritage building on Manning Street Monday morning after he was shocked with nearly 40,000 volts while trying to steal copper, according to Marion City Fire Chief Trey Cooper.

Cooper said the man is in critical condition at the Augusta Burn Center in Georgia.

Marion Police Chief Jim Gray said they're still trying to learn the man's identify.

Gray added investigators believe three more people may be involved. Charges are pending.

Police suspect the man was stealing copper when his ladder fell against a transformer causing it to blow, Cooper added.

Neighbors heard the loud explosion and called 911 saying a man was on fire on top of the building.

Power was knocked out throughout the area.

Cooper said they had to call Duke Energy to make sure it was safe to go on the roof because they didn't want to come into contact with any power lines.

When Duke Energy gave firefighters the green light, they started efforts to rescue the man.

Cooper said they used a ladder truck to get to him and a stokes basket to bring him down.

"Honestly, it wasn't that bad. It was a little bit time-consuming. He wasn't like against the transformer but he was laying down on the roof of the building," said Chief Cooper.