Marine veteran & local chaplain headed to Afghanistan

Dr. Ronald Bradley is one week away from an unusual trip overseas. "It's not a business trip it's not a vacation, maybe a little bit different, I'm going to Afghanistan," Bradley explained.

This will be the Georgetown residents second trip to Afghanistan and third to the Middle East. He says he was driven to serve after the events of September 11, 2001.

"I served a tour in the Marines when I was a young man and I thought well I'm an older man now, what is it that I can do."

After tours with the New Jersey Civil Air Patrol and South Carolina State Guard, Bradley looked overseas.

On an average day he says he'll meet with 20 children and some of their teachers.

"I'll talk with the about any barriers they might have, any goals they might have, much like a guidance counselor," Bradley said.

Dr. Bradley says it can be difficult to comprehend what the Afghan people are going through, because many Americans have never experienced anything like it. He said, "we read about how poor it is, we read about many of the barriers they have but until you're over there you don't really fathom that."

Even if you can't volunteer overseas, Dr. Bradley says trying to understand and be tolerant of the culture will help build bridges with those who are different from us.