Marijuana bust related to Hells Angels operation

Picture from Operation Red Harvest that happened Monday

On 8/15/2014, we were notified that charges against 17 of the Hells Angels members had been dismissed. The 15th Circuit Solitior's Office says charges against 10 people are still pending. Click here for an updated story about the dismissed and pending Red Harvest charges.

A man in Murrells Inlet was arrested for having $419,000 worth of marijuana plants and another $11,760 worth of processed marijuana.

The bust was made by agents assigned to the 15th Circuit Drug Enforcement Unit, or DEU. The agents work for the Georgetown County Sheriff's Office and the Georgetown Police Department.

Agents also seized money from a house on Crystal Lane in Murrells Inlet. At that location, Daniel Richardson, 62, was arrested and charged with Manufacturing Marijuana and Possession with Intent to Distribute Marijuana.

The DEU says agents also searched a home on Sunnyside Avenue in Murrells Inlet, they say that home was an inactive grow, and was set up for a grow, but the plants had been removed.

Richardson is awaiting a bond hearing at the Georgetown County Detention Center.

The arrests are part of "Operation Red Harvest", the 18 month investigation that started in 2010, and resulted in the arrests of several members of the motorcycle group, the Hells Angels. This search was one of eleven search warrants executed in Horry and Georgetown counties.