Many local Toyota owners stand by their car

The list of recalled Toyota models has gradually expanded, leaving some to wonder if their Toyota will be tapped.

Victoria Hunt was told to wait until Monday to find out if her Toyota Prius hybrid is among the effected. "We're just waiting to see what'll happen," said Hunt.

What hasn't been effected, is Hunt's love for her Prius. "I love my hybrid. I love it. I would buy it again!"

Hunt is not riding alone. While Toyota works to fix a sticky a gas pedal problem, many Toyota owners seem to be sticking by their car.

"These things happen all the time to all things, and I'm just glad they caught it and recalled it and they're going to fix it," said Clare Erickson, a Toyota Camry owner.

"I would certainly buy a new one if i could. I sure would. Tomorrow if I could," said Cindy Andrews, a Toyota Prius owner.

Mike Davis, whose 2010 Toyota Camry was recalled, said consumer product recalls are inevitable, across the board. "Anybody that has a Toyota or Honda or any kind of car, they're going to have recalls all the time. So, as long as the manufacturers go ahead and pay for and alert the customers, I don't think it's a big problem," said Davis.

Susan Holland, who says she has been a Toyota owner for about a decade, says if she was in the market for a new car, Toyota would be her brand. "Definitely, without any doubt in my mind, yes," Holland confirmed.

But doubt has been cast over Toyota's quality for some once faithful owners. "I did feel my faith waver a little bit in Toyota," admitted Rusty Hamlet, the owner of a 2001 Toyota Camry. "I don't know if I'd buy a new one from now on," he continued.

Phillip McGinnelly agrees. "For the newer cars, I'd be a little hesitant to buy a newer Toyota," said the 2002 Toyota Camry owner.

Chris Wieland owns several Toyotas, including a 4runner. Wieland's mother owns a Toyota. He says he was committed to the company's quality. Until the recall. "I was a little disappointed. I have several Toyotas and to me, I don't know, something like this makes me think, where's the quality going?"

But on the other side of the fence, stand Jim and Patricia Rusnak with their eight year old Toyota. The couple says they're not ready to jump to conclusions and convict Toyota.

"You don't want to throw the baby out with the bath water. It's a sad, terrible incident, because it is the accelerator but at the same time it is one item on a very complicated piece of equipment," said Jim.

Patricia has also taken an understanding approach. "It hasn't bothered me a lot. Nothing is perfect and if this does happen to you, and you have a problem with the accelerator and it does stick, just follow the instructions," she advised.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued the following safety tips if you find your gas pedal sticking while you're driving:

-Put the vehicle in neutral

-Regain control, slow down and stop

-Turn the car off and contact your dealer

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