Man who fell at Myrtle Beach zipline called "miracle man"

The headline reads "Miracle man from Limerick survives 60 foot fall in the USA."

The newspaper, The Limerick Leader, reported Monday on the recovery of Gerard O'Sullivan, who fell while working at Zipline Adventures in Myrtle Beach in July.

The online article says, "The County Limerick man had only a 5 per cent chance of surviving after he fell 60 feet onto concrete."

Gerard O'Sullivan was hospitalized in serious condition after the fall.

The manager of Zipline Adventures reported to us at the time that O'Sullivan did not clip a safety harness to the line, and fell backward.

O'Sullivan, according to The Limerick Leader, suffered "multiple breaks - pelvis, elbow, ribs, legs and compound breaks to his ankles. He also experienced multiple organ failure as a result of the trauma - his heart stopped, lungs collapsed, kidneys stopped working and was placed on life support for weeks."

You can read the full story on its website.