Man who brought gun to doctor's office sentenced to time served

This week Judge Michael Baxley sentenced Stephen Carl Elkins to the time he's he's already served in jail for bringing a gun to Dillon Family Medicine in November 2010.

Elkins has been incarcerated since the incident. Dillon police shot Elkins after he pointed a gun at them.

He was trying to get prescription narcotics from the medical facility. About 40 patients and staff were evacuated from the building.

He pleaded guilty to First Degree Assault and Battery back in October and three counts of Pointing and Presenting a Firearm.

His sentencing was deferred pending a mental evaluation.

The Fourth Circuit Solicitor's Office says since Elkins evalutation he's shown no signs of future danger to himself or others.

"Mr. Elkins pled guilty to four charges, including first degree assault and battery. Before sentencing Mr. Elkins, Judge Baxley wisely ordered an evaluation and used the results of that to craft his sentence. As always, we respect the Court's decision and believe its reasoning was fair," said Assistant Fourth Circuit Solicitor Shipp Daniel.

Daniel added Elkins plea was without a recommendation from the State.