Man shot at Longbeard's Bar and Grill

A man was shot in the stomach in the back parking lot of Longbeard's Bar and Grill around 2:50 p.m., according to first responders. The restaurant is in the Carolina Forest area of Horry County.

The man is said to be in serious, but stable condition at this time.

There was an altercation between an employee and the employer, according to Horry County Police Lt. Robert Kegler.

Police later found out the employee did point a knife at the employer and threatened him, Lt. Kegler added.

Kegler said, the two people went outside to the parking lot where the employer warned the employee not to come any closer and when the employee ignored his warning, the employer shot him.

It's not clear how many shots were fired.

Kegler said that after conferring with the solicitors office, it was determined the shooting was justifiable and there will be no charges filed against the employer.

Police will continue to investigate.