Man rescued after being pinned under tractor in water

Howe Spring firefighters and rescue team successfully rescued a man that was pinned underwater by a farm tractor, according to Howe Springs Fire Chief Billy Dillon.

Dillon said the man was riding his tractor on Deer Road in Florence County Sunday afternoon when he ran off the road and fell into a creek with the tractor on top of him.

Someone in a car following the tractor called 911.

Four firemen got there in minutes and found the man underwater.

They used large rescue equipment to free the man from under the tractor.

Dillon said the cold water didn't make the rescue attempted any easier.

"It was just due to it being as water and the water is cold as it is. It was difficult. It was hard for the guys for a few minutes being in the cold," said Chief Dillon.

Dillon said the man is in serious condition at an area hospital.

Highway Patrol is investigating the accident.