Man ordered to give up custody of his animals

Trent Locklear pled guilty to 49 misdemeanor counts of Animal Cruelty in Robeson County District Court Wednesday, according to Major Anthony Thompson with the Robeson County Sheriff's Office.

Last month, deputies seized 49 animals from a farm on Lonnie Farm Road in the Pembroke community of Robeson County nearly two weeks ago.

Deputies seized 26 horses, 14 cows, one pig, and one bull from the home.

Locklear agreed to give up custody of the animals and he can't have any animals on his property, according to Major Thompson.

Lonnie and Debra Locklear were initially arrested and charged with 49 counts of Animal Cruelty as well, but all charges were dropped against them, Thompson said.

Someone doing utility work near the farm saw a horse down and called authorities.

When officers got to the home, the horse was dead, deputies said.

Officers say two others had to be put down because they were in bad shape.

They say several carcasses of animals were also found on the property.

Deputies say pictures collected from the scene show the animals were deprived of necessary sustenance.