Man indicted on sex charge in connection with death of 3-year-old

Fourth Circuit Solicitor Will Rogers says a Marlboro County grand jury has indicted Michael Huckabee for criminal sexual conduct first degree against Edna Trinity Hunt, 3. On Thursday, March 15th, Huckabee waived his right to an arraignment and bond hearing, that was originally scheduled for Friday morning, so the judge served him with a copy of his indictment.

Hunt died on October 6, 2011.

Marlboro County Coroner Tim Brown said autopsy results revealed Hunt died from unusual complications of a urinary tract infection, which was left untreated, and multiple inflicted traumas.

Rogers says his deputy solicitors recently talked with medical officials who performed that autopsy, and that led to the latest charge against Huckabee. Rogers says after reviewing the child's injuries in greater detail, they felt it was appropriate to charge Huckabee with criminal sexual conduct.

Rogers won't go into specifics about the reason for the sex charge, but he did say they felt the evidence was strong enough against Huckabee to go straight to a grand jury for indictment before securing a warrant first. More details could come out next week when Huckabee is arraigned on the indictment.

Huckabee and Hunt's mother, Atelia Hunt, are charged with homicide by child abuse and inflicting great bodily injury on a child.

They were arrested back in October following the child's death.

They're being held in jail without bond until the case goes to trial.

No date has been set for the trial.