Man dodges four bullets in Latta

Chistopher Kollock

Latta police are investigating a shooting on Mauldin Street, which is off Main Street in the heart of downtown Latta.

A witness said around 8:30 a.m. he noticed a car driving up and down Mauldin Street. The witness said about 30 minutes later, the car stopped and a man walked up to the car.

The driver then fired four shots at the man.

The victim took off running and the shooter took off in his car.

Police tracked the victim down, and Latta Police Chief Crystal Moore confirmed the victim managed to dodge the bullets.

Only a few cars were hit.

Late Thursday night, Latta Police released a picture of Christopher Kollock. Police say they want to talk to Kollock in connection with the shooting.

If you've seen Kollock, please contact the Latta Police Department at 843-752-4718 or the Dillon County Dispatch at 843-841-3707.

Police originally told us three shots were fired, we recently learned there were four shots.