Man dies after fight

      Darlington County deputies are investigating the death of a Chesterfield County man.

      David Tidwell, 41, along with eight other people, went to his ex-wife's home in the 2600 block of New Market Road near Hartsville on December 29, where he was involved in a fight, according to Darlington County Captain Andy Locklair.

      Tidwell was taken in a car to the hospital, where he was flown to a Columbia hospital.

      He died New Years Day.

      Tidwell died of blunt force trauma to the head due to a beating, said Darlington County Coroner, J. Todd Hardee.

      The death is being ruled a homicide, said Hardee.

      The home belongs to Tidwell's ex-wife, according to Locklair.

      "We are investigating why Tidwell and others were at the house of his ex-wife and what lead to the fight. When we get all the facts, then we will make a decision if any charges will be filed," said Darlington County Sheriff J. Wayne Byrd in a press release.