Man convicted of Attempted Murder, Carjacking

Ancel Ramon Harris

Ancel Ramon Harris, 19, pled guilty to Attempted Murder and Carjacking on Tuesday in Horry County for an incident in Myrtle Beach in 2012.

On October 15th 2012, the victim offered to provide Harris and another person with a ride to King Street in Myrtle Beach and when they arrived, Harris robbed the victim at gunpoint taking his money, cell phone and car.

Harris then ordered the victim to walk towards the wooded area near the incident location, but the victim refused so Harris fired one shot towards the victim and his gun jammed.

The victim was not injured.

Harris and the other passenger then fled the scene in the victim's car.

Around two hours later, responding officers located Harris and the other person in the victim's car in Atlantic Beach.

Following his guilty plea this past Tuesday, Judge Cottingham sentenced Harris to serve 15 years on each charge concurrently.