Man charged with beating, holding 19-year-old against her will

David Lee Trent Warner, 21, of Myrtle Beach is charged with Criminal Domestic Violence High and Aggravated Nature and Kidnapping after an argument escalated and Warner beat his live-in girlfriend and held her against her will, according to a police report.

Police said the 19-year-old, and Warner, her boyfriend, got into an argument at the Ocean West Motel on Sunday night and Warner pushed her against a wall, hit her on the back of the head and face.

The woman then hid in the bathroom, and called her mother to come and get her but Warner said she was not allowed to leave, according to the report.

Warner made the woman sit on the bed and told her he would cut her with his knife if she attempted to run outside the room and said he would "bash her head in and let her mother watch."

The woman's mother arrived, knocked on the motel room door, didn't get a response but looked through the gap in the window draping and heard Warner say "you have done it now, now you are going to pay," and saw a metal wrench lying on the bed, and Warner roll up his sleeves, the report added.

Police said after about five minutes, Warner opened the door, let the woman out, chased the mother and the woman as they drove away in their car.

Police arrested Warner at the motel room and charged him with Criminal Domestic Violence High and Aggravated Nature and Kidnapping.