Man assaulted at bar near CCU

Conway Police were sent to Conway Medical Center Saturday after a victim asked to file a report about an assault.

The victim told police that around 1 a.m. Friday he saw a physical fight in the parking lot of Tongy's Shmackhouse, which is a bar across the street from Coastal Carolina University, according to a police report.

A friend of the victim was fighting with two other men, according to the report.

The victim was then pulled into the fight and pushed onto the ground, said the report.

The victim was knocked unconscious and later woke up with EMS over him. A friend told the victim a man repeatedly kicked him in the face, according to the report.

An ER doctor told the victim he lost three teeth and fractured four teeth. The hospital wired the victim's jaw shut and put 30 stitches inside and outside of his mouth, said the report.

The victim needs more surgeries to help repair his jaw, said the report.

No one has been arrested.