Man accused of sex charges to remain out on bond

An Horry County Magistrate continued a solicitor's motion to revoke bond for a Myrtle Beach man after he was served with additional charges of violent sexual acts with a child.

In November 2011, Webster Douglas Williams, 53, was charged with 3rd Degree Sexual Exploitation of a Minor, Lewd Act on a Minor Child, 1st Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct with a Minor and Kidnapping. He was released on bond in December 2011 under several restrictions including GPS monitoring, a set curfew, and no contact with the victim.

On Tuesday, Assistant Solicitor Candice Lively served Williams with four additional charges based off evidence the State Law Enforcement Division obtained from Williams' computer equipment that was confiscated in November. The charges include 2nd Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct with a Minor, Disseminating Harmful Material to Minors, Engaging a Child for Sexual Performance and 1st Degree Sexual Exploitation of a Minor.

Recently, Williams has been seeing a doctor who recommended his defense attorney file a motion that Williams be placed in an inpatient sex addiction facility in Mississippi. Lively was 'deeply concerned' by the request and asked that Judge Benjamin Culbertson either revoke Williams' bond or set additional bond for the newly served charges.

"We have a situation where the defendant is admitting he is a sexual deviant, admitting that he needs some sort of treatment, and I'll use that term loosely, that he's in dire straits and the idea that this person has contacts all over the world still poses a huge problem for the state. Anytime someone faces four additional sexually violent offenses or any violent offenses, it clearly raises issues of a flight risk, as well as a danger to the community," Lively said.

Judge Culbertson decided to apply the four charges under Williams' current bond.

"It's the same victim, same series of incidents. There's no additional conduct. It's not like he has gone out and committed additional violations since he's been placed on bond," Judge Culbertson.

Once the defense is able to review the evidence obtained by SLED, Lively plans to refile the motion.